405 Dance company

A professional dance training studio that takes to heart the production of great people and incredible dancers. Regardless of background, previous experience, age, race, or social status, we pride ourselves on offering an experience that will last each dancer a lifetime of confidence and joy. While there are some similarities between us, and other studios, we are the first to exclusively offer curriculum based training for the serious dancers in our community! Through our company program, dancers become well trained athletes. They gain extensive knowledge about their physicality and the various genres of the dance world as a whole. When they leave, they are disciplined, confident, well-rounded, teachable, and able to move forward in a professional environment.

At the heart of our studio is our love for our community and those in it. This is why, for the 4th year in a row, we hold an annual showcase for the community for the benefit of a local charity or family in need. 50% of all proceeds from the show are donated to the chosen beneficiary. We feel that our dancers can find ways to use their talents and blessings to bring awareness and financial support to their peers who have found themselves in a rough season of life. Philanthropy and community matter.

405 Dance Company is a Competitive Company dedicated to building strong dancers who will be taught a healthy approach to competition. The team will average 2-4 regional competitions a year. Dancers interested in competing with 405 Dance must audition to be accepted to the team each dance season. Depending on which company the dancer is accepted, they are scheduled to take Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Leaps & Turns, Yoga, Acrobatics, Beyond Barre, Tap and Ballroom! ALL Company members will be required to compete this year.